Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Welcome to the Neighborhood

It seems every spring (I use that term loosely considering I woke to snow in mid-April) we have some new folks move to the neighborhood.  This Spring is no different. Lawn boy and waitress/green jeep lady moved out after a few short years which is sad because I liked them.  Apparently she is quite bright and got into a great school.  I have no idea what her major is but regardless -- good for her!  They rented to someone they knew (or so I was told) so this weekend the Uhaul truck came and went several times.  I am hoping they move back someday because lawn boy made some damned fine smoked pork at the block party and I am thinking we need to make the block party and annual event.

More importantly, the big house on the corner which has been vacant since the hoarder Dave was removed over a year ago.  Dave, who liked to take anything I put on the side of the road, once told me he was a musical conductor then a psychology instructor, then an IT professional so you can imagine the shoes the newbies have to fill...I feel pretty confident saying they will not disappoint!  The first weekend included the following fun phrases Don't worry, I have 911 on speed dial;  I don't ask you about your baby's momma; and my favorite So I'm not worth a blunt?  Who is gonna have a great time on the T-town porch this year?  That's right -- me!

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